The importance of user experience for your website

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March 20, 2018
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The importance of user experience for your website

User experience is one of the biggest flaws in web design that any single person can do. Whether you’ve decided to build your own website or you’ve hired a professional, you should prioritise your user experience. In today’s world through Google, we’re all competing for those potential leads through to our website. In fact, businesses are willing to spend tens of thousands of pounds in advertisement to generate clicks through to their website. If you’re spending thousands of pounds on advertising, but your website has over a 40% bounce rate, you’re literally burning money.

So what is bounce rate?
This is the rate of which your potential customers are clicking away from your website after viewing only one page, they’re not even giving your business a chance. Most of these customers will most likely be clicking away after 10-15 seconds because the user experience is horrible and they’re not presented with a call to action immediately.

So what is a call to action, Chris?
A call to action is a clear eye catching detail on your website in which your customers instantly know who you are, what your company message is and where they need to click next to attain your services. Here are two examples of call to action below, note how simple the layout is and your eyes are drawn towards a specific place.


Websites don’t need to be over complicated, you shouldn’t be throwing to much information at your customer in those first 5 seconds they click onto your website. If your website is visually pleasing and the customer knows exactly where to click to find what they’re looking for, your bounce rate will drop. Simple!

As a web designer, the first thing I do before I will start work on the design aspect is to check your competition. There is a fantastic tool where you can pull stats from your competitors and view their bounce rate, average time spent on page and average time spent on site. If you were a cocktail bar in Wigan, the first thing I would do is Google ‘Best cocktail bar in Wigan’ and pull the top 5 websites. Then i’d search ‘Best cocktail bar in London’ – now I have ten websites of your competitors or businesses in your field. I’d then run it through the tool and create a spreadsheet. From this, I can see what works and what doesn’t. Look, we’re not reinventing the wheel here, we simply just want to generate more leads – that’s the entire purpose of a website.

So in conclusion, if you’ve recently decided you want to build your own website or you’ve just hired a professional. If user experience is not the top of your agenda when planning the website, then you may as well give up now.