Small business web design – Do it yourself or hire a professional?

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March 18, 2018
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March 23, 2018
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Small business web design – Do it yourself or hire a professional?

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Pushing your online presence as a small business can extremely daunting initially, although it shouldn’t be. I have no problem saying that you can easily go out there right now and pick up a free website with WordPress or services like Wix. Free websites can look great if you’re willing to put 20 or more hours into it, but simply looking great isn’t going to tell customers to click on your website. I touched on SEO in my previous blog post and I can’t tell you how important it is.

Take my website for example, I like to think it looks fantastic but that isn’t enough. I’m sat writing this blog right now because my overlord (Google) demands it of me. Content is king in this industry and although you may see 6-8 pages on my website right now, I plan to have over a thousand pages in the background to bring traffic to my website in different ways.

So let’s go back to the original topic, should you build a website yourself or should you hire a professional. Now obviously I’m going to sit here and tell you to hire me because my business depends on clients hiring me. Having said that, if you’re starting up your own business from scratch and you have a couple of hours a day to work on a great website then more power to you. The common mistake with this type of business though, is that they throw up their website and then leave it as is. Look – if your website is generating it’s own traffic because you run a popular store, then great – but what about the thousands more customers that may have found your business via Google?

Bottom line, if you’re looking to DIY yourself a website that you can be proud of then great for you, but I would push you to think beyond the design. The design is what your company represents, but it’s also only a tenth of what your website should be.